JIS Certification Process

JIS Certification Procedure

Product testing and on-site factory audits are essential parts of the JIS Certification.

For products that are produced as mass products a sample test for every product unit will be conducted. For a Lot certification there is the possibility that the Registered Certification Body will do a test for every lot or batch.



Initial Conformity Assessment Certification Maintenance Surveillance Product Example
Product Testing Factory Audit
General Certification Sample Test Yes Yes Mass produced Products
Lot Certification (1) Sample Test Yes No Imported lots, Limited products
Lot Certification (2) Test for all items Possible to omit No Imported lots, Limited Products


Here is a brief Video about the JIS Mark Certification for product exports to Japan,

presented by Julian Busch, director of MPR International GmbH / China Certification Corporation

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The JIS Mark Certification Process

  1. Documentation and Application Submission
  2. Initial Conformity Assessment
    1. Factory Audit
    2. Product Testing
  3. Certification Agreement
  4. Issue of Certificate


The Registered Certification Body (RCB) auditors will decide whether a paper audit or an on-site factory audit is required.

Product tests must be conducted in an RCB laboratory. If on-site audit is required there is also the possibility of doing a witness test during the audit.


Periodic Certification Maintenance Surveillance (Follow-Up)

A JIS Certification Maintenance Surveillance must be conducted a minimum of every 3 years. The surveillance inspection will require new product tests and a factory audit.

In addition to the JIS Certification Maintenance Surveillance a Temporal Certification Maintenance Surveillance can be requested if:

  • The specification of a certified product or quality management system is changed.
  • When the corresponding JIS Standard is revised.
  • If there are complaints from a third party.
  • If the RCB considers it necessary.


Change Management and Adding New Products

If you want to add new products that do not have a JIS Mark Certification yet, a new initial certification for these products will have to be applied for. This will also involve product testing and factory audits.

If changes are made to a certified product that has a JIS Mark a change application must be submitted. The responsible RCB will then decide whether new product tests and a factory audit are necessary.


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