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Nintendo’s latest business report shows profit increase of 500 percent during coronavirus pandemic

Already last week Sony published information of the first quarter 2020 for their game console PlayStation 4. Sales of both the PS4 console and games as well as PS-Plus subscriptions wrote positive figures. Sony weathered the pandemic very well and two of the most popular games of the year sold very well. Now competitor Nintendo has also announced its financial figures. In the period from April to June 2020, profits increased enormously with an increase of 500 percent.



The details of the Nintendo business report showed an increase in operating profit of 428 percent. Profit after tax grew by 108 percent and profit by 541 percent. Sales of hardware, software and accessories increased by 113 percent. Nintendo sold 5.68 million game consoles, an increase of 167 percent, software reached 50 million or an increase of 123 percent. Online business grew by 230 percent and contributed 56 percent to total sales.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the best-selling game, has received numerous awards since its release. It became the fastest-selling title in Japan and eventually a bestseller in the country. In May alone, more than 13 million copies were sold in Japan and the total number has now reached 22.4 million. According to Nintendo, other games were also in high demand. A total of 9 games exceeded the 1 million sales mark in the period April to June 2020, and the impact of Covid-19 on production at Nintendo was considered negligible by the company. There were bottlenecks in components for the Nintendo Switch game console, but these have now been resolved. According to Nintendo, production for the rest of the year and the release of new game titles can proceed as planned.

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Julian Busch

About the author: Julian Busch is the founder and managing director of MPR International GmbH

Publisher: MPR International GmbH


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