The PSE Mark is a mandatory safety and EMC approval for electrical products sold on the Japanese market. PSC certification is a mandatory consumer products safety approval that applies to nearly all consumer products sold in Japan.


The Telecommunication and Radio Certification for Japan is the approval needed for wireless radio and telecommunication equipment in Japan and covers all products which utilize the radio spectrum and operate under 3 THz.

JIS Certification

The JIS Mark is a mandatory certification based on product certification that verifies the conformity of products according to the Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS). JIS covers industrial and mineral products, data, services and management systems under the Industrial Standardization Act of Japan.

VCCI Mark Certification

The VCCI Mark is a voluntary certification for IT equipment in Japan and a well-regarded indicator for high quality standards. Only members of the VCCI council can apply for this certification.

Japan RoHS

Manufactures and Importers of certain types of products for the Japanese market are required to make sure their products are in compliance with the Japan RoHS Law for Promotion of Effective Utilization of Resources in Japan and the compulsory Industry Standard JIS C 0950.


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Toyota production reached record levels in October

Toyota Motor Corp. recently announced that global production of its vehicles increased to a record 845,107 vehicles in October this year. Compared to the same month last year, this represents an increase of 9 percent. The company attributes the good figures to strong demand in Japan and China. In view of a recovery from the Covid 19 pandemic, the Japanese automobile giant was able to increase its production for the second month in a row, with September showing an increase of 11.7 percent.



Local production increased by 12 percent to 309,582 vehicles, supported by the popularity of the new edition of the Toyota Harrier SUV. The Harrier is not available for Europe, but is based on the same GA-K platform as the RAV4. In North America, the Harrier is marketed under the name Venza. At Toyota’s overseas locations, the number of vehicles produced rose by 7.4 percent to 535,525. Worldwide sales figures in October were 847,713 vehicles, also a record figure. Sales were supported by good turnover of the luxury brand Lexus in China and rising demand in the USA. A Toyota spokesman said the recovery in production had gone better than expected. Nevertheless, the company will continue to closely monitor the worldwide development of new coronavirus infections in order to act accordingly.

JIS certification is required in many cases for vehicles and components produced in Japan. JIS certification is a mandatory certification that verifies that products conform to Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS). Since 2005, MPR International GmbH has been supporting companies worldwide with certifications for the Asian market, including Japan and China. We offer comprehensive support for the most frequently required certifications for Japan. Our experienced international team is happy to answer your questions about Japanese certifications.

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