The PSE Mark is a mandatory safety and EMC approval for electrical products sold on the Japanese market. PSC certification is a mandatory consumer products safety approval that applies to nearly all consumer products sold in Japan.


The Telecommunication and Radio Certification for Japan is the approval needed for wireless radio and telecommunication equipment in Japan and covers all products which utilize the radio spectrum and operate under 3 THz.

JIS Certification

The JIS Mark is a mandatory certification based on product certification that verifies the conformity of products according to the Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS). JIS covers industrial and mineral products, data, services and management systems under the Industrial Standardization Act of Japan.

VCCI Mark Certification

The VCCI Mark is a voluntary certification for IT equipment in Japan and a well-regarded indicator for high quality standards. Only members of the VCCI council can apply for this certification.

Japan RoHS

Manufactures and Importers of certain types of products for the Japanese market are required to make sure their products are in compliance with the Japan RoHS Law for Promotion of Effective Utilization of Resources in Japan and the compulsory Industry Standard JIS C 0950.


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JIS Registration Services

The quickest, most efficient way to obtain a JIS registration is to use our Japan Certification “All-inclusive Package.”

We understand that the process of obtaining a JIS registration for Japan can be a complex hurdle for manufacturers, therefore we will competently support your company at every level by providing the following services for your JIS Mark:

  1. Check the necessity of JIS mark certification for your product
  2. Complete application preparation including assistance with form completion, preparation of supporting documentation package, communication with the Registered Certification Body (RCB), final checking and submission of all documents to the relevant authorities and handling the necessary payments
  3. Complete handling of the product testing including customs clearance, document exchange, handling of payments, communication with designated test labs and evaluation of the final test reports
  4. Providing an optional one-day pre-audit, working through checklists, review of Quality Management documentation, support in preparation of control procedures and more
  5. Complete audit preparation including application, coordination and communication with the certification authority, document exchange, handling of payments, organization of inspection, as well as providing the required documents, information and checklists for the audit preparation
  6. Preparation of the JIS marking

Here is a brief Video about the JIS Mark Certification for product exports to Japan,

presented by Julian Busch, director of MPR International GmbH / China Certification Corporation

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