Japan Radio Law Certification Process

The Japan Radio Law describes the certification process for many telecommunication and wireless radio products in Japan.

The Japan Radio Law Certification process mainly consists of the following steps.




Products that already have a JIS Certification or PSE Certification do not need to do a factory audit, but will still need to submit documentation such as application documents, circuit diagrams, antenna diagrams, etc..

Here is a brief Video about the Telecommunication and Radio certification for Japan,

presented by Julian Busch, director of MPR International GmbH / China Certification Corporation:

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Japan Radio Law Product Tests

For most radio and telecommunication products that fall under the Japan Radio Law product testing is an essential part in obtaining a Japan Radio Law registration in Japan. Which tests will be conducted is strongly dependent on the product and its functions. A Registered Certification Body (RCB) is responsible for product testing.

For Specified Radio Equipment (SRE) tests have to be conducted according to Ordinance Regulating Radio Equipment and MIC standards. These standards are not harmonized and the official documents only exist in Japanese. The RCB can decide whether they accept reports from foreign test labs.

High Frequency Devices also have to be tested according to Japanese Standards. Typically the SRE test can be conducted in a foreign test lab (outside of Japan) if this lab has the right test equipment and is able to do testing according to the Japanese standards from the Japan Radio Law. The RCB can still request additional testing in their own test lab.


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